Time stands still for no man

Today a letter came through the post with instructions on how to apply for a primary school place for my son.
WHAT?? How can this be? Surely no it’s not that time yet?!! It feels like only yesterday I was pregnant :-(

I’ve throughly enjoyed every parenting stage so far. The newborn stage was for me by far the hardest. A truly exciting and special time but lonely. My partner didn’t take paternity leave so 3 days after having a bit of a rough ride I was going it solo. Knackered and confused by this little person who unfortunately wasn’t supplied with a care plan or instruction manual.

I just thank god for my amazing friends who supplied lots of tea and cake!!!


The baby stage when those first little milestones happen. First smiles and giggles. Just magical I cherish the memories.


The crawling stage…….nothing is safe anymore and they don’t stay where they are put! The horrid moment when you turn round and you’ve lost him only to find he had wedged himself behind the couch!

The dreaded time came when I had to return to work. My heart ached and I would of loved to have had longer off and gone part time. This is the first time I’d really had to share Little C.
………….I’m crap at sharing!!

Then came his speech as he began dropping his baby signing and replacing it by words. I’ll never forget the first time he called me! I had gone upstairs and he was at the bottom with his daddy and he just called out “mama”. My heart melted in fact I think I cried (I was really really knackered lol I cried at donkey adverts too!!). He still calls me Mama out of choice. …………..I love it :-)

Then they find their legs! Here comes the toddler!! First steps came late in our household. Little C just wasn’t interested. We joked that the little chunk was too heavy for his legs! He soon proved us wrong and there was no stopping him!!

His 3rd birthday came and he was now a preschooler. Full of wonder and questions. Now over half way through his third year he is quite the entertainer (don’t know where he gets it from :-) ). He never fails to make me laugh. He comes out with some great lines! He has swapped nursery rhymes for kasabian and is besotted by the gruffalo, stick man and room on the broom. He loves stories and reading.

I’m thankful he is so chilled. He copes with house moves and new things well. He is a home boy though. Loves being at home.

So much has happened in what seems like a blink of an eye. How could it possibly have been nearly four years?

I watched my bump become a newborn.
My newborn became a baby.
My baby became a toddler.
My toddler transformed into a preschooler and now he is soon to be a handsome young boy embarking on his great journey of learning.
I hope I can choose the best possible place for his education to commence.



Stuck on the wrong side of the seesaw!


Oh how I long to be one of those naturally skinny yet curvaceous women. With lumps and bumps in all the right places. That can eat what they like and still look amazing. Instead I’m constantly battling the bulge, I just look at a cake and it gravitates towards my thigh!! I’ve been doing slimming…
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It’s getting cooler

Well I’ve officially retired my flip flops for 2014 but we’ve had a great summer. Fab holiday to Spain. Lots of family time and I passed my degree module, wish it could of lasted a tiny bit longer though…

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind winter. Heart warming casseroles and a log fire is right up my street. Wind and driving rain however is not!! Cold weather is ok as long as it stays dry! I should really emigrate to warmer and dryer climates :-)

Our house should be a smidge warmer this year as we have had that cavity wall insulation installed. That was fun! Watching millions of little silver balls rapidly fill up your downstairs toilet because of a hole round a pipe!! Bit of silicone sealant and the henry Hoover and you’d never have known :-). We’ve also just had the house re pointed. Very messy but it looks like a brand spanking new house now. Just need a new roof and that’ll be the outside done. Then I can start properly on the inside (oh the joys!).
……….it’s ok, I have some DIY books ;-) what could possibly go wrong??



Honours or no honours?!

Apologies again for the lack of content to my blog over the past few months. I’ve been studying for what I thought was my final degree module. And the rest of the time belonged to my little fella.
I’ve found this module really hard. Not only was it all about research and critiquing articles (not my strong point) it’s the first module I’ve done since Little C descended upon us. Studying whilst having a small person is really bloody difficult!! Hats off to those that do full time courses whilst raising a family I know I couldn’t do it.
3am and bottles of coke became my best friend (I rarely drank the stuff before and now I’m addicted!). I went to work looking worse for ware having been up til 3 writing then awake again at 5:30 to get to work. 2.5 hours sleep really isn’t good enough!
You know you’re knackered when you think you’ve written 400 words about homogeneity only to read it back the next day and realise it actually says homosexual! Goddamn you autocorrect!!!

I managed to throw together 3000 words and got it submitted with 20 minutes to spare. I was convinced I’d failed this module, I needed 40% to pass, I had everything crossed please just let me scrape through.
Results day came, I logged on and there was the email………
Yay I had passed and oh my goodness I’d done pretty well. Surely there’s been a mistake? How the heck did I get 92%??!!
Eagerly I rang the university (to check my result wasn’t a mistake) and to see about how I exchange my credits for the degree. Only to have my current state of euphoria whipped away by the woman on the phone who said I was 20 credits short so I would graduate for a degree but not with honours :-(
I was pretty irritated and felt I deserved 20 credits for navigating my way through their automated switchboard and actually interacting with a human being!! Sadly they didn’t share my thoughts. My bubble has been burst and depressingly I have to do another module to obtain my honours degree.

So my question……..is the honours but really worth another essay???


Pounding the Pavements

Ok so I’ve been doing slimming world for nearly a year now and have lost 2 stone. I’m at target (goal weight)
………….however I’d really like to be 1/2 stone or so lighter. I still have an impressive spare tyre around my midriffs that I could do with shifting!!

I can’t afford the gym (even with my Employer discount it’s still £30 a month) and realistically if I could afford it I haven’t the time to use it to make the cost of it worthwhile. So I’ve taken up running…..again! Yes I started pounding the pavements this time last year, I really enjoyed it but started to get a painful knee and I hate the rain so I made my excuses and stopped doing it.

I still don’t think I’ll ever be marathon material but if I can just shed this 1/2 stone without giving up anymore cake I’ll be happy :-)

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Hello I’m Back!

Phew thank goodness that’s over!! Why on earth did I ever think it was a good idea to do a degree module?!! It’s been a very stressful and tiring few months. Not only is research and statistics a different language but trying to study with a 3 year old and work full time is hard work! Fingers crossed I pass :-/

So what’s happened with us then……
Not much really, we have been on holiday which was really nice. I’m still battling the bulge at slimming world. Oh and Little C has started speech therapy for his stutter (still early days).
Apologies again for my period of a absence
Marissa xx



My Child has a stutter

Little C has always been a vocal child (don’t know who he gets it from!) and we didn’t have any issues until about 8 months ago when out of the blue he started to stutter. I remember the day well. We had caught the train to exeter shopping. On the way home the train became very busy and Little C had to sit on my knee. He was not best pleased to say the least and then started to stutter and struggle to say his words. I assumed that it was because he was tired and figured it’d resolve itself. After a few months it was still there so I tripped off down to see the GP. He was quite dismissive about it really and reassured me that it’ll be a phase and will pass. 8 months on it’s still present and if anything getting slightly worse.

Still reassured by the GPs wise words I tried not to worry and carried on as usual. It’s not the lack of vocabulary, Little C knows lots of words and can string together sentences of 7 or more. It’s just seems to be the first letter/sound of some words. It’s not always the same words and not always at the beginning of a sentence. It’s worse when he is tired, excited and nervous.

Weirdly other children of varied ages we have come across don’t seem to notice the stuttering, or if they do they certainly haven’t mentioned it. Adults on the other hand can’t seem to help pointing it out. We had an incident at swimming the other day. Little C has started going in the pool on his own with the instructors, he is very excited when he comes out and wants to tell me what he has done. Sometimes it can take a while for him to say m m m m mama so I was patiently waiting for him to finish when someone said “oh B B B B B B B B”. I know that the person probably did it jokingly but it’s not funny.

I was raging!! Angry, upset and disappointed that it was an adult who had joked. That a grown woman thought it was ok to make fun of a well mannered and incredibly caring 3 year old. But I let it go as Little C was unaware of the meaning of the remark he just innocently smiled at her as thought she was funny. Mark my words if she does it again this week I will take her to one side and verbally rip her to shreds!

In my internal raging state I decided to pop down to see the health visitors as after all that’s what they’re there for right?? Still angry but rapidly becoming upset I was ushered into a room by one person then ordered out by another who claimed she had booked it out and I couldn’t just sit where I liked. I was then sat in an extremely small and hot room, later approached by the first women who exclaimed “oh you’ve moved sweetie!” She then handed me a bit of paper with a stammering website on it and informed me that I could self refer to a speech and language therapist if I wanted but she didn’t know how and the waiting lists are lengthy so it’s up to me if I bother! Angry, upset and now extremely irritated I politely told them where to shove their help and left in a worse state than when I went in.

Whilst trying to park at Little Cs gymnastics club and reversing into the car behind me I saw Exeter speech and language therapy department!! Now they said you could self refer so I just popped in. They were really nice and helpful, handed me a referral form and gave me a few pointers to aid the form filling. RESULT hope we can get this sorted out soon :-)

And breath………… Oh and maybe invest in parking sensors!! :-)


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